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Comments or Questions: I am a cynical, 69 year old guy who lives in Palm Beach and New York City and, surely, can afford to pay for a new Mach3 razor blade each week. That said, I hate waste and the way some companies manufacture products that could be made seriously better were they not interested in planned obsolescence. I have only used 2 of your cryogenically frozen razor blades. I tossed the first after a month because I just couldn't believe that a blade could/should last that long. The second is still going strong after 70 days of use........and yes, I do sort of wipe it dry on a towel after each use. I can understand the marketing problem you have as, surely, were you too public P&G would shut you down. Clearly, retailers have nothing to gain selling your product as one purchase lasts a year. I guess the answer is word of mouth and your web site. AMAZING. What has America come to? Doug A.
This is an amazing product!! I first got this razor (Schick Hydro 5) from your company a year and half ago when my girlfriend was going through chemo due to breast cancer. We both shaved our heads every day for almost six months. After she started growing her hair back I decided to keep shaving my head. I have used this same razor everyday since I got it and its just now starting to wear out and I have a BIG HEAD!!! I will only buy my razors from

I have just received the second pack of Mach3 turbo, the first having lasted 2 years or an average of better than 90 days per cartridge.
The last 2 I recorded the start date and achieved 100 days each. I shave every day with 2 or 3 passes and even when approaching the end of blade life I get a really close shave with no razor burn or any other sort of skin problem.
I do use a shaving brush and top quality cream and maybe this helps to soften the beard but even so the performance of your blades is truly amazing.
Will order another pack in 2 years time.

Kind Regards

Hereford, England

I am about to purchase these blades from you for the second time. I never believe the hype, and i didnt believe Greatrazor's either. HOW NICE IT IS TO BE PROVED WRONG! The difference with me is I researched metalurgy before buying your product and it is a simple fact that cryogenic freezing creates higher density in metal making it stronger. Your perspective customers should know that they can find this answer anywhere on the net. I split my first order with a friend and let my cousin use two blades. Needless to say, you have 3 permanent customers here with more on the way. Not only do you save money through the blade's longer life span, but believe it or not, it is actually cheaper to purchase the cryo'd blades from you even with shipping than purchasing it from that super "wal to wal" discount store that we got across the US. You know who I'm talking about. Bottom line-better shave, longer lasting blade, less hassle, and i dont even have to leave the house. You save more money technically than what you claim on your website. Feel free to use this testimonial on your site, I had to write it since the rest of them still didnt give your concept enough justice.
Roy Erhardt
Greetings, This is my second time buying your razors. I heard about them on the radio here from someone who said you had sent him some Mach 3 razors and he was amazed. I am in the U.S. Army and with the high standard that we have for shaving, I must shave every day to pass inspection. I purchased your 4 pack of razors and they lasted me almost 6 months. Normally the cost of the Mach 3 razors had been an annoying expense for me, but now that I've found these razors, I couldn't be happier. I'll definitely recommend these to any of my Army buddies.
Feel free to use this letter to support your product. Outstanding work.
Specialist Micah Schwanitz M1A2 Tank Crewman U.S. Army
David,  Just to let you know, this is the second time I bought them from you. I bought 4 of them a few months ago and they are the finest razor I have ever used. You have a customer for life.
Don S.
Hey David,  I bought 4 blades last time in November as a trial and I'm now on the last one in March. The typical Mach 3 blade lasts for 4-5 shaves. Your Cryo'd blades last 20+ shaves. Your product is a God send. I hated buying a dozen expensive blades every month, the cost of regular Mach 3 blades makes me want to keep a beard. Your blades made shaving inexpensive again, not to mention how close the Croy'd blades shave.
Jeff W.
Howdy David,   I have just sent you payment for this auction. I also wanted to let you know that the blades are absolutely fabulous!! I have used the Mach 3 for several years. It is the best blade for me that I could find. However, I was always disappointed with the short time that they lasted. I would get 3 or sometimes 4 shaves before I would have to change to a new blade to get a descent shave. I got your Cryo'd blades about a month ago and immediately started using them. The first blade lasted 17 shaves and was still doing better than a 3 shave old regular Mach 3 when I got rid of it just to treat myself. I was amazed!!! My wife and two teenage daughters are now using your Cryo'd Mach 3 blades in their Venus razors. You have one hell of a terrific product.
Thanks much,
Praise: GREAT SERVICE AND EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED - NO WORRIES WITH THIS SELLER A+++++ Praise: These are the BEST blades I have ever used. You won't be sorry Will buy more
Praise:  Super turnaround..Cro'd razors are great..face is soft as baby's butt...A++++++
Praise: These blades are great!!! I'll never use the regular ones again! Fast service!
Praise: These blades work! Good shave, good price, quick ship. Thanx! A1+
Follow-up: Great Mach 3 blades, better than regular M3's. Shaves smoother & lasts longer.


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