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Oregon 20LPX072G 18" 72 Link .325 Pitch .050 Gauge

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Item Number: 20LPX072G
Manufacturer: Oregon
Manufacturer Part No: 20LPX072G
Our Patented Cryo Temper process extends the life of these chainsaw chains by 300%. They stay sharp twice as long, So you can cut twice as much wood between sharpening's and get twice as many sharpening's.

The Cryogenic Tempering Process tempers the entire thickness of the metal, so even after re-sharpening, Our chains will out perform untreated blades.

Because our process does not change the hardness of the metal, you can still re-sharpen with a hand file. These Oregon Chainsaw Chains are made out of high carbon O-1 tool steel. Because O-1 has a carbon content of 0.9%, typical wear resistance is increased by 418% on average.

This fast cutting chain is perfect for today's medium sized, high performance chainsaws. Chisel cutters work well in both softwoods and hardwoods. 20LPX works best in clean cutting conditions, where there is limited contact with dirt and other abrasive materials. Chain is .325 pitch x .050 (1.3mm)gauge. 20LPX fits saws using WoodlandPRO 20 series and Stihl 23 series chain.

Recommended saw size: 38 to 62cc, bar length: 11-20-inch (28-50cm)

20lpx: .325" pitch, .050" gauge; 21lpx: .325" pitch, .058" gauge; 22lpx: .325" pitch, .063" gauge

Blued cutters provide superior corrosion resistance and improved strength

"X" grind-Enhanced grind geometry significantly improves out-of-box sharpness with substantial speed improvement in boring and bias (undercut) modes

Warning: oregon 20, 21, and 22lgx super 70 chains may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the saw operator or bystanders

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