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Gillette Mach3 - 8 Cartridges Bulk Pack

Your Price: $28.00
Item Number: M38-BP
Manufacturer: Gillette for Men
Now comes in easy to open sealed Bulk Pack.

CONVENIENCE PACK - Genuine Gillette blades in easy to open vacuum sealed packaging. 3 Blades...specifically positioned to extend gradually closer to your beard, to shave you progressively closer in a single stroke. So close there is less need to reshave, which means less irritation. Patented DLC (tm) comfort edges...each blade has a patented DLC comfort edge, so Mach3 glides effortlessly and comfortably across your face. And Mach3 has an advanced Indicator lubricating strip with a blue stripe that fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal MACH3 shaving experience. All Mach3 cartridges fit all Mach3, Turbo, Power, Venus, Devine handles.

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Great Razors indeed!
Cameron Clark (Clarksville, TN) 9/3/2008 6:00 PM
Excellent product, great value and fast shipping. I haven't bought a razor blade anywhere else since the first time I ordered from greatrazors in August of 2007. I am and will continue to be a regular customer. My order history: Aug 29, 2007: Ordered a 4-pack of Mach3 cartridges just to see if the claims were true after reading a good review at Dec 28, 2007: I ordered an 8-pack of Mach3 cartridges because the last of the 4-pack was finally getting a bit dull. The claims are definitely true. Aug 19, 2008: I ordered a 12-pack of Mach3 cartridges because I had just put the last cartridge on my razor handle and didn't want to run out. Sept 03, 2008: The last blade from the old pack will probably last another week or so before I have to toss it and open the new 12-pack. In the meantime, it's still giving a good shave. That's an average of a cartridge per month - incredible! The secret to making these blades last as long as possible is to rinse them in cold water. Hot water damages and warps the delicate blades. I found this out when I forgot to rinse with cold water and my blade's edge suffered noticeably from one shave to the next, which is unusual for these cryo'd blades. Even the cryogenically-hardened metal of the blades cryo'd by greatrazors is subject to warping and cracking under heat stress. If your blade clogs, rinse more often, or swish it in a cup of cold water. Your blade and your wallet will thank you.
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