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Bump Fighter
 The Bump Fighter® Shaving System was created especially for the African American male who suffers from sensitive skin. But our customers have discovered that both men and women of all races love this razor. (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae). The Bump Fighter® Razor is designed with a contoured handle that has a unique rubberized grip for a safer, more comfortable shave. Bump Fighter Cartridges, with exclusive Bump Guard technology that keeps the blade edge slightly off your skin. This allows the blade to shave at precisely the right level to minimize skin irritation.

The Four Step Bump Fighter® Shaving System

1. Apply Shave Gel
2. Shave with the Bump Fighter® razor with the exclusive Bump Guard®
3. Apply AfterShave Skin Conditioner
4. Use the Treatment Mask before sleeping



The razors patented Bump Guard® technology helps prevent irritation. In the evening, the Bump Fighter® Treatment Mask helps complete the process by preparing whiskers for tomorrows shave.
Notice: The Bump Fighter Aftershave and Mask have been discontinued.
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5 Bump Fighter Cartridges
Bump Fighter 30 Cartridges
Your Price: $26.00
Bump Fighter 30 Cartridges
Six Bump Fighter 5 Packs = 30 Cartridges
Bump Fighter Razor w/2 Cartridges
Bump Fighter Razor & 2 Cartridges - DISCONTINUED
Your Price: $7.85
Bump Fighter Razor & 2 Cartridges - DISCONTINUED
Due to possible handle cracking, this item is NOT Cryo'd.
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