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About Us was started in March of 2002. is a division of Cryopro LLC that was started in 1995. Cryopro does Cryo tempering to all types of items. Customers send in their items to be Cryo tempered for longer life and better performance. In 2002 my largest customer (Nicklaus Golf) decided to start having their golf club heads Cryo tempered in China. So I needed to come up with a product to replace the business that I lost. I started selling Cryo tempered razors on ebay. And told my customers to only leave me feedback after they used my razors. My ebay customers loved them and left me great feedback. So I decided to start selling Cryo tempered razors on my own store. The Cryo tempered razors last longer because we cool them down to -300F over a 3 day process. This process increases the durability of the metal. I am a one man operation. Nothing flashy, just the best razors at a unmatched value.
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